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Is Your Cottage Covered? 7 Tips For Better Insurance Value

At ISL, we’re cottagers too. We’ve been insuring cottages for over 40 years, and while we’ve found we can often save you money on your insurance, our expertise allows us to provide the perfect coverage for a cottage in the Kawarthas.

If you’re curious about proper cottage insurance, take a look at these 7 tips for Better Insurance Value that most cottagers aren’t aware of:

  1. Renting out your cottage a couple of weeks each summer is a great way to offset costs, but make sure your insurance covers this. A cottage specific policy may include it automatically. Be sure to provide renters with helpful information regarding the use of plastic glasses and cans, septic systems, burning bans, and emergency addresses.
  2. An alarm system and water alarm will save on insurance costs, AND give you peace of mind when you’re not there. Be sure to turn off your water pump when you leave at the end of the weekend to minimize the chance of damage if a leak occurs. An additional step would be to have a licensed plumber install a drain valve at the lowest point in your system to make it easy to drain all the lines.
  3. Change smoke detector batteries every spring when you open the cottage. A simple procedure that has proven to save lives.
  4. Having the road ploughed all winter and using the cottage every 30 days can qualify you for better insurance coverage, and save you money.
  5. Sewer backup coverage may not sound important outside of the city, but it will cover any damage if the septic tank backs up into your cottage. Anyone that has ever experienced a sewage backup will tell you how critical this is.
  6. Make a spring opening and fall closing checklist to avoid missing any critical tasks. A little extra care can go a long way in preventing costly repairs.
  7. Ask your broker if your dock is covered, and for what kind of damage. If your boathouse has a wet slip, it is usually not covered automatically and needs to be added separately.

Cottage insurance policies are complex. Read yours carefully, learn the ins and outs of your policy and ask lots of questions. Your broker is there to make sure you get the right coverage for your needs. While everyone is looking to save money, be sure you get the right coverage for your hard-earned dollars. The staff at ISL Insurance would be pleased to assist you and provide a no-obligation quote. You can reach us by calling 705.742.3861. Your fellow cottagers wish you and your family a happy and adventure-filled cottage season!

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