Insurance for Farms & Agricultural Businesses in Peterborough County and the Kawartha Lakes Region

Whether you are buying your first farm or own a farming business that has been in your family for generations, we understand the importance of choosing the right insurance to cover your operation. A dedicated broker from ISL Insurance will help you make informed decisions about your coverage and guarantee that you are receiving the best possible value from your farm insurance policy.

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The team of expert insurance brokers at ISL Insurance can provide coverage for your whole farm or agricultural investment including crop units. Owning a business in the agricultural sector brings various risks and outcomes that other industries do not experience. Your farming insurance coverage needs to take these unique variables into consideration. Our insurance brokers will provide you with a custom quote for your unique insurance needs.

As your crop inputs increase, your insurance coverage should increase as well.

Contact ISL Insurance today for more information on farm & agricultural insurance solutions. We’ll work with you to provide the best quote possible for your farming business.

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