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Please call our Peterborough office to speak with a Broker at:(705) 742-3861.

When it’s time to make a claim, having a trusted insurance broker is important. To make the claims process easier for our clients, we’ve assembled the following tips.

Before you call your insurance provider:

  • Assess the damage as well as you can and take photos/videos of the damages you will be claiming for.
  • Inventory your losses and list everything that’s missing or damaged.
  • Try and leave things as they are and avoid making repairs unless they are necessary for your safety or well-being

Is there any other information I will need to provide after I call?

  • Find receipts, warranties, manuals, photos or valuation certificates of the items covered by your insurance policy.
  • If you are claiming for something that involves the repair of your home, cottage, vehicle, boat, etc. you will likely need to provide two estimates for the work at hand.
  • For claims that involve burglaries or other criminal activities, you will be required to call the police and inform them what has happened.

ISL Insurance Brokers

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