Glamping & Saving Money, Peterborough Style

RV Camping in the Kawrthas, with ISL & good RV insurance

RV use in Canada is on the rise as more and more Canadians are seeking to experience the rugged beauty of this wonderful nation. The growing cost of purchasing and maintaining cottage property, both here in the Kawartha’s and across Ontario is contributing to this trend. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cottage country in style. An RV could be the perfect solution and the right RV insurance is the first step to budget-friendly glamping. Enjoying the great outdoors and saving money, now that’s a Win/Win.

Owning an RV or travel trailer presents amazing opportunities to visit areas near and far. Modern RV’s and travel trailers can provide many ‘creature comforts’ including luxurious interiors, complete with leather furniture, granite counters, and plasma TV. You may have heard the term ‘glamping’…camping on a glamorous scale and it’s certainly the case with many of the new RV’s and travel trailers. All these wonderful features have resulted in super comfortable ‘camping’, but they have also increased the cost of ownership.

As insurance industry professionals, living in the Kawartha’s, we’re experienced in helping our clients reduce the costs of owning an RV or travel trailer. We’ve had the pleasure of learning simple ways our clients reduce costs while supporting them with the best insurance value. We’d like to share this experience to help you save money while having the right insurance product for your needs.

Make Sure Your RV is Road Ready

The Boy Scouts know it, and you should too. Time invested in planning and preparing for your next adventure can reduce the risk of unforeseen problems, which ultimately cost you time and money.

  • Your Tires: Always check and adjust your tire pressure, visually inspect for cracks, and be sure to include the spare. Also, you may want to practice removing your spare before you leave. Trying to remove your spare at the side of the road is not the place to learn.
  • Your Electrics: Inspect exposed wiring, test switches and ensure your trailer hitch, chains and wiring are all in good shape.
  • Auxiliary Power Sources: Check the dates on your propane tanks to ensure they can still be filled, and check for leaks. While you’re at it, load test your batteries to ensure they’re in good shape.

There are many great YouTube videos on performing these and many other checks. A test run weekend at a local campground is the best way to do a dry run before embarking on your travel adventure

Take Control of Your Fuel Costs

Whether you’re towing or driving your RV/travel trailer, it always pays to be mindful of fuel costs. Here again, a little preparation can result in significant savings. Tire inflation is key, as is the overall weight of your set up, which can vary dramatically. Consider half filling your fresh water tanks if it’s a light use weekend trip. Be sure to regularly pump holding tanks, and always pack light! Finally, slow down and enjoy the scenery, as driving between 80-90 Km will provide optimum mileage.

The Right RV Insurance

Insurance for recreational vehicles can be very complicated. Although your auto policy may cover your travel trailer, it may not necessarily cover replacement cost coverage for the trailer or any coverage for your contents. A proper insurance package will include these things and a travel trailer policy would also include emergency service coverage. This will cover emergencies such as towing, flat tire service, battery boost, and fuel delivery.

Purchasing a separate RV insurance policy will also prevent a claim from affecting the rates on your homeowner’s policy. It may seem like a greater cost upfront, but down the road, it will save you.

Stay On Top of Your RV Maintenance

Unfortunately, no brokers cover normal wear and tear on your recreational vehicle. But keeping up with basic maintenance can help prolong the life of your vehicle. Regular engine checks, changing your oil when recommended, and inspecting your sealants are all simple steps to protect your investment.

Inspecting and maintaining your trailers sealant annually is vital to protecting against water damage. The seams of the roof and side panels are made water-tight through the use of sealants. Seasons of blazing heat and freezing cold, combined with the damaging forces of bumpy roads and high winds can play havoc on the sealant. These forces create leaks and possibly lead to internal damage but regular inspections can help prolong the life of your RV. Be sure to read and research your manufacturer’s warranties as they may specify the use of self-levelling sealer.

Regular maintenance can save your time and money in the eventuality of a water leak or roadside emergency.

Get Your Quote Today

We are constantly surprised at how often opportunities for premium savings are overlooked when asked to review and quote existing insurance policies for RV’s and travel trailers. Insuring these products is very different than writing policies for homes or automobiles. Be sure to ask your broker about content insurance, total loss replacement value, full-time use liability, emergency out of pocket expenses, towing coverage and campsite liability.

At ISL, we are experienced Travel Trailer and RV insurance specialists. Since 1949, we’ve been helping people who live, work, play, vacation and cottage in Peterborough and the Kawartha’s with all their insurance needs. Our focus is customer service, striving to provide our clients with the ultimate combination of expert advice and the best price.

To assist you, we’ve prepared this handy online travel trailer and RV insurance quoting tool. Our new tool enables you to get instant pricing in 3 simple steps. Of course, we’re always eager and ready to assist you in customizing the exact insurance policy for your unique needs. Simply fill in this form and we’ll be in touch or call us at 1.705.742.3861