Insurance Tips for Buying a Home in Peterborough

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Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you’ve owned real estate for many years, your home is a prized and valuable investment that you can’t afford to risk. You need to protect your home with the best possible home insurance coverage that fits your unique living situation and property. At ISL Insurance, we get to know your insurance needs and provide coverage you can depend on.

Our home insurance experts have put together the following tips to help you get the best value from your home insurance coverage:

Shop Local

Use a local broker that knows your area. Peterborough has a history of flooding in certain areas and not all insurance companies will offer enough coverage to meet your needs. Local knowledge will allow your ISL Insurance broker to find the best coverage possible for your home in Peterborough & the Kawartha’s.

Shop Early

Get an insurance quote before closing your real estate deal for budgeting and qualification purposes.

Check Your New Home’s History

When viewing a house make note of the roof, furnace, electrical and plumbing along with their age. Having more accurate information will make it easier to get an insurance quote and possibly a better rate. If the house has a sump pump or backwater valve you may qualify for an additional discount as well.

If a house has oil heat or a wood-burning stove inspections and upgrades may be required to obtain insurance. Consider these extra costs when budgeting. You should also inquire about any previous water damage the house may have had to avoid problems from mould or improper repairs. This can help prevent having to deal with future problems as well.

A Home is More Than The Building

When shopping around for insurance be aware that high-value items such as bicycles, jewellery, and collectables may not be covered to their full value and additional coverage would be required. Also, If you are downsizing or there will be a gap between closing your current home and moving into a new home you may need insurance coverage for contents in storage.

Consider a Bundling Your Policies

Combine your house and car insurance together with the same insurance broker to save money with extra discounts.

To get the best coverage for your needs and save money on house insurance, let ISL Insurance do the shopping for you. Our professional team of insurance brokers will ensure you receive the best possible value for your living situation and help you understand:

  • Exactly who or what is covered?
  • If there are any exclusions and how they impact your plan?
  • Limitations in your policy
  • The amount of coverage that is provided
  • How you can report a loss or claim and the process involved

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